I’m On Top!

Looking at the mountain tops,
Looking as far as I can see,
Thinking to myself,On the Mountain
This is definitely where I want to be,

Maybe I should cry,
Maybe I should laugh,
Maybe I should scream,
Or maybe I should smile,

Because this is where I want to be,
I don’t want to be anywhere else,
Besides the mountain tops,
And looking as far as I can see,

Hard Working, No One Caring

I have been working all day,
I have dirty skin,
And prickly hairs on my face,person

Coming home to find no one appreciative,
Being the only one working in this house,
But I get no respect from anyone,

I’m the one who keeps the roof from not caving in,
But they just think that the food gets on the table by itself,
And bills are magically paid,

But tomorrow will be the same way,
And so will the next day,
And the next day,


Don’t you hate it when teachers ignore you,teacher
It makes me want to poo on their shoe,
Or don’t believe what you say,
It makes me want to jump in a bay,

I can’t explain the feeling of getting study table,
My stomach feels like a wrapped up cable,
Now I’m not saying I hate teachers,
But sometimes they can act like really scary creatures,

Making The World Awesome!

callaebertHow can make the world a little bit more awesome? We can make the world a little bit more awesome because we can just simply be nicer. I know if we just try a little bit harder to make the world a better place we can definitely do it.

The first thing that we can do is just to try to help someone that is in need of your help. Just do something nice for someone. By being nice to someone could make their day a whole lot brighter.

Kids need to start being nice now because we will be the adults of the world before we know it. I have a feeling we are going to be a good next generation but we need to be awesome.

The whole point of this post was to tell you how awesome that we are and need to continue being awesome leaders for when we become the most awesome generation ever!


Image from: http://www.sugarbeecrafts.com/2014/05/kid-president-quotes.html

The Internet Is Taking Over!

omgI am only on the internet at school. Since I don’t have a computer I am not online that much. But if we were talking about our smart phones, I am on that thing 27/7!

If I was a parent at this time I would have certain times that my kid could get on the internet. I think that kids get online to much when they should outside socializing with friends. Some kids get online to much and then they forget about their homework.

Teens should have limited time on the internet because they should be out hanging with their friends. Internet is not our life. You will live without the internet! Also we need to stop texting and driving because everyday there are more people dying because people text and drive! Internet is taking over, do not let that happen!!!

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Dr. Seuss

lolI like the quote from Dr. Seuss that says ” Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”. I love that quote so much because I think it is 100% true. In life you are going to make mistakes and I think those who matter won’t mind.

Dr. Seuss was born on March 2, 1904 and died on September 24, 1991. So that he died when he was 87 years old. Also his real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel.

I loved reading Dr. Seuss books when I was a little girl. I think he was a great person and had an amazing imagination to come up with over 20 books that all rhyme. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

Image from: http://topnotchteaching.com/experts/dr-seuss-quotes/


My Inspiration!

awesomeThe person who inspires me is a guy named Jeffy. His real name is Jeff but everyone calls him Jeffy. He inspired me last year to become a lot better in softball. He is Avree’s uncle and he is awesome at teaching softball. So, last year he taught me all about pitching. Now I am a pretty good pitcher I think. I have always been a pitcher, but last year was the first year I actually was consistent with my pitching.

Also last year I was a really good catcher. I can also play shortstop and first base, but my favorite position is being a catcher or pitcher. I usually caught for Avree because she is a really good and a fast  pitcher.

One time we were in a game and I already hit someone for the first time. So then I calmed down and pitched really good for the rest of the game. The last two innings Avree pitched really good too. So when I was catching for her someone hit it to the outfield, so she looked back, seen that it was me and threw it and we got the person out!

I am really exited for softball this year. I am going to sign ups on Wednesday. I really hope that Jeffy comes back this year because he has taught me a lot about pitching and I really want to learn so more from him!

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Video Games

callaeI like the game Just Dance on my Wii. I like the game Just Dance because it is not a game where you just sit on the couch with a controller and play it, you actually get to have fun and be active at the same time. The whole time I laugh because most of the time I look pretty dumb, but it is still fun.

One time I went to Annie Karshner’s house and Rachel came too. Until like 11:00pm we played that game. It was so fun because we constantly laughed. We all did the partner dances. We also videoed it, but we were doing a three people dance so we had it set up, and all of a sudden her two boxers stormed downstairs fighting. So everyone ran upstairs except me, so I was hiding in the corner for like ten minutes. Also we have it all on video because no one bothered to turn of the camera.

Just Dance isn’t just a fun game but it is a way to exercise and laugh. But you can’t get mad when people laugh because it really is hilarious!

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Language Arts Class!

bookLanguage Arts class is my favorite class. I like it because we do everything on the computer. Like, we do Rags To Riches, our blogs, Jupiter Grades, Free Rice, log our reading, check out books, and Study Island. We sometimes have really bad times or really good times. When half of the class forgot their interim, and I will admit that I was one those people, we got yelled at for the entire class period.

I really like when we sing at the end of the class! We usually work on a song a week or two. Right now we are singing a song by Megan Trainor Ft. John Legend, the song is called Like I’m Lose You. I really like that song because the girls have certain parts of the song and the boys have a certain part of the song. The only song that I don’t care that much for is Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots. The song Stressed Out is really catchy but it kind of gets old because the chorus plays so much in the song.

Mr. Mcguire is really nice and funny. You just don’t want him to get angry with you because it is terrifying being honest. He always just cheers up your day and makes you smile. I like the other teachers and classes too but Mr. Mcguire is my favorite teacher by far.

At the beginning I didn’t know anyone in my class except Makayla. Now Makayla and Mariah are my best friends. So are Annie and Madison, Madison just moved here this year from homeschooling. One of my other friends Leah, got home schooled after Christmas break. Now I got moved to sit right in between Makayla and Mariah in Langauge Arts and Science. But we don’t talk 24/7 either.


My Cats!

cat Cat2     I have two cats, one’s name is Piper and the other on is Bella. Piper is grey and she is pretty ugly by the way. She was adorable when she was a kitten but now she is not so adorable. Bella is about four years old and she is really pretty. She has all kinds of colors in her fur like brown, black, white, and yellow. Bella by far is the prettiest cat that we have ever had.

Bella sleeps with me every night and Piper sleeps with my mom and dad every night. My cat Piper really likes my mom and dad. I originally got Piper for my birthday and she was mine but now I have just pretty much given her away to my mom and dad. Two days after we got her we went on vacation and since she was so young we just took her to Florida with us. The whole car ride she either sat on my dad’s shoulder or sat on the dash bored. After the second day our chair was broken and we called the person who owned it and they came in the house. The thing is we weren’t aloud to have pets. So we got back from the beach right on time that we got in right before her and put Piper in a closet for like ten minutes!

My mom holds Piper like a baby and wrap her up in a blanket. Piper doesn’t even care what my mom does to her but when I even picked her up she will growl like a little gremlin. But she absolutely hates my grandma! She growls and hides even if she pets her.

So I think that my cats are a little crazy in the brain. But I also think that they are uniquely crazy. I am very attached to both of my cats and maybe we will even take them on another vacation!


Images from: http://catmess.blogspot.com/2009/11/cat-breeds-maine-coon.html